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Stunning Dining Tables & Chairs

Fear Not—You've Found the Perfect Spot to Improve the Look of Your Dining Room

Welcome to CMS Furniture Boutique, where you will find a wonderful selection of dining room furniture designed to increase your house's utility and aesthetic appeal. Thanks to our extensive range, you may create the perfect eating space that matches your preferences and demands.

Attractive Selection of Dining Room Furniture

Dining Tables of Different Types

Our dining tables are the centrepiece of any dining room, offering a range of styles to suit any decor. Choose from:

  • Extendable Dining Tables: Perfect for those who love to entertain, providing flexibility to accommodate more guests.
  • Round Dining Tables: Ideal for smaller spaces, fostering intimate conversations and a cosy atmosphere.
  • Rectangular Dining Tables: A classic choice for larger dining rooms, available in various materials like wood, glass, and metal to match your aesthetic.

Dining Chairs of Different Types

Complement your dining table with our variety of dining chairs, designed for both comfort and style:

Dining Table and Chair Sets

For a cohesive look, explore our dining table and chair sets. These sets are designed to perfectly match, offering a seamless and stylish dining experience. Whether you prefer a rustic farmhouse set or a sleek modern ensemble, we have options to suit every taste.

Why Choose CMS Furniture Boutique to Decorate Your Dining Room?

Exceptional Quality: Our dining room furniture is crafted with premium materials, ensuring durability and long-lasting beauty.
Elegant Designs: We offer a wide array of styles, from classic to contemporary, to fit any decor and personal taste.
Functional Variety: Our selection includes various types of tables and chairs, designed to meet your practical needs while enhancing your dining space’s aesthetic.
Expert Advice: Our knowledgeable staff are here to help you choose the right pieces, providing personalized recommendations and guidance.
Competitive Pricing: Enjoy top-quality furniture at prices that provide excellent value, making it easy to furnish your dining room within your budget.


Q: Can I mix and match different styles of dining chairs with my table?
A: Yes, mixing and matching can create a unique and personalized look. Ensure that the styles complement each other and maintain a cohesive theme.
Q: Do you offer a custom dining table and chair options?
A: Yes, we provide a separate dining table and chair sets category. Contact our team to discuss your specific requirements and available customization choices.
Q: What materials are your dining tables and chairs made from?
A: Our furniture is crafted from a variety of high-quality materials, including solid wood, oak, metal, glass, and premium upholstery fabrics, ensuring both durability and style.

Enhance your dining experience with the elegant and practical furniture collection from CMS Furniture Boutique. Visit our online store today and let our experts help you create a dining room that reflects your style and meets your needs.