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Transform Your Space: Wall Art from CMS Furniture Boutique

At CMS Furniture Boutique, our HOME ACCESSORIES collection of Wall Art is designed to add personality and charm to any room. Whether you prefer classic or contemporary styles, our selection includes Framed Wall Prints, Abstract Wall Sculptures, Canvas Wall Prints, Glass Wall Art, Decorative Wall Art, and Hand Paintings. Let’s explore these options and answer some common questions to help you choose the perfect pieces for your home.


Explore Wall Art at CMS Furniture Boutique

Framed Wall Prints: Classic and elegant, perfect for adding a touch of sophistication to your living space.
Abstract Wall Sculptures: Modern and eye-catching, ideal for creating a dynamic focal point in any room.
Canvas Wall Prints: Contemporary and versatile, suitable for a wide range of interior styles.
Glass Wall Art: Unique and reflective, perfect for adding a luxurious and artistic touch to your decor.
Decorative Wall Art: Diverse and stylish, offering various designs to complement your personal taste.
Hand Paintings: Authentic and handcrafted, bringing originality and craftsmanship to your home.

Popular Types of Wall Art in UK Homes
UK homeowners have diverse tastes when it comes to wall art, but some styles are particularly popular:

  • Framed Wall Prints: These offer a classic and polished look, making them a staple in many homes. They range from photographs to artistic prints, fitting seamlessly into both traditional and modern interiors.
  • Canvas Wall Prints: Loved for their versatility and contemporary appeal, canvas prints bring texture and depth to a room without the need for a frame.
  • Abstract Wall Sculptures: These three-dimensional pieces add a modern and dynamic element to your walls, creating visual interest and conversation starters.
  • Hand Paintings: Valued for their uniqueness and craftsmanship, hand paintings offer a personal touch and can be a focal point in any room.

Difference Between Framed Wall Prints and Canvas Wall Prints

Framed Wall Prints:

  • Appearance: Framed wall prints come with a border and glass or acrylic cover, adding a polished and finished look to the artwork.
  • Protection: The frame and cover protect the print from dust, moisture, and damage.
  • Versatility: Frames come in various styles and materials, allowing you to match them with your interior decor.
  • Weight: Framed prints tend to be heavier due to the added materials (frame and glass).

Canvas Wall Prints:

  • Appearance: Canvas prints have a more modern and minimalist look, with the image stretching over the edges of the canvas.
  • Texture: The canvas material adds texture and depth to the print, creating a more tactile and engaging visual experience.
  • Lightweight: Without the need for frames and glass, canvas prints are generally lighter and easier to hang.
  • Versatility: Canvas prints can be displayed without additional framing, making them versatile and easy to incorporate into various decor styles.

Can Wall Art Be Hung on Any Type of Wall?

Plaster Walls: Use picture hooks or screws with wall plugs to ensure secure hanging. Avoid using adhesives as they might damage the plaster.
Drywall: Opt for anchors or toggle bolts to provide extra support, especially for heavier pieces.
Brick or Concrete Walls: Masonry screws or anchors are ideal for these sturdy surfaces. A drill with a masonry bit will be needed to create holes for the anchors.
Wooden Walls: Simply using nails or screws will suffice as wood provides a strong foundation. Regardless of the wall type, always ensure that the hanging method can support the weight of the art piece.