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Organize in Style: Occasional Storage from CMS Furniture Boutique

Explore the art of organization with CMS Furniture Boutique's exceptional collection of occasional storage solutions. From bins, tins, boxes, and crates to coat umbrella stands, trunks, chests, trolleys, shoe cupboards, and storage units, our home accessories collection offers a plethora of options to keep your space tidy and stylish. Let's delve into some common questions about occasional storage to help you find the perfect solution for your home.

Best Crates for Compact Items

When it comes to storing compact items, stackable crates are an excellent choice. These crates are designed to maximize vertical space while keeping small items organized and easily accessible. Look for crates with dividers or compartments to further optimize storage efficiency. Additionally, collapsible crates are ideal for compact storage when not in use, making them a versatile option for small spaces.

Height of Coat Umbrella Stands Relative to Coats and Umbrellas

Ideally, coat umbrella stands should be tall enough to accommodate both coats and umbrellas without crowding or tangling. The height of the stand should be slightly higher than the tallest coat or umbrella to ensure ample clearance and prevent items from dragging on the floor. This allows for easy access to coats and umbrellas while maintaining a neat and organized appearance in your entryway or foyer.

Placement of Shoe Cupboards in the Room

Shoe cupboards can be placed in various locations within a room, depending on your preferences and available space. In the entryway, shoe cupboards provide a convenient storage solution for footwear, keeping the area neat and clutter-free. Alternatively, you can place shoe cupboards in closets, bedrooms, or hallways to streamline the organization and keep shoes neatly organized and out of sight.

Using Storage Units as a Wardrobe

While storage units are primarily designed for storing miscellaneous items, they can be repurposed as a wardrobe in certain situations. If you have limited closet space or need additional storage for clothing, storage units with shelves or drawers can be used to store folded clothes, accessories, and other wardrobe essentials. Simply add hanging rods or hooks to hang clothing items for a makeshift wardrobe solution.

Best Materials for Easy Cleaning of Home Accessories

When it comes to keeping your home accessories clean and tidy, opt for materials that are durable and easy to maintain. Metal, plastic, and wood are popular choices for occasional storage solutions due to their durability and versatility. Metal and plastic bins, tins, and boxes can be easily wiped clean with a damp cloth, while wood can be dusted and polished as needed to maintain its appearance. Additionally, consider storage solutions with removable liners or washable inserts for added convenience when cleaning.